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(Version française plus bas) On Saturday, December 3rd, at the Press Club of Rue Froissart in Brussels, with the presence of more than 150 people from all over Europe a new organization, called ‘Stand up for Europe’ was launched. The opening of the event was honoured by Natalia Gherman, former deputy prime minister of Moldova, […]

Brussels, 9th November 2016 Elections are a great moment for our democratic countries. This years’ presidential campaign in the USA, however, will be remembered as one of the worst in terms of quality of the debate, while the election result should be a wake-up call for Europe. The United States of America are one of […]

  Registration/enregistrement online! Facebook event page: (Version en français plus bas) Europe is at a turning point. After the financial crisis and the ongoing refugees crisis, which showed the limits of today’s union based on national interests and the lack of European solidarity, the Brexit vote put into question the very essence of […]

Your vision of Europe ENGLISH: Thank you for filling out this short questionnaire. It will take you 5 minutes but it will have a long lasting impact on the way we will work to rebuild tomorrow’s Europe together! We wish to know what is your vision of Europe and what are you willing to do […]

(Version Française plus bas) Brussels, 24 June 2016 We regret the result of yesterday’s referendum. We consider that a united Europe is the best way to preserve peace and prosperity. That is why we supported the Remain camp with the message #REMAINplus, advocating for a constructive UK role from the inside in the process of […]

(Version Française plus bas) Ahead of the EU Referendum of June 23rd there are two main pro-Remain groups in the UK: Britain Stronger in Europe and British Influence, both are predominately business oriented groups suggesting that the reason for remaining in the EU is purely an economic one. We do, of course, support their logical […]

PRESS RELEASE: The heart of Europe attacked: a plan to stop terrorism. “The heart of Europe was hit today by terrorists with two bombs exploding at Brussels Airport and a bomb at a metro station a few meters away from the European institutions. We condemn these atrocities that killed at least 30 people and urge […]

PRESS RELEASE from the European Federalist Party No to the BREXIT blackmailing ! (FR en bas) Ahead of the European Council meeting of 18-19 February 2016 the European Federalist Party (EFP) reiterates its concern over the “proposal for a new settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union” put forward by European Council President […]

Despite the level 4 security alert Brussels and thanks to additional security measures provided around the venue, participants from more than 15 European countries could gather in Brussels on Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 November to renew their commitment to a federal Europe and cry out loud: we are united and not afraid! As noted by […]

Brussels, 14th November 2015 (Voir plus bas pour la version française) “Paris, France, Europe and the whole democratic world is again attacked by terrorists. Obscurantism and violence cannot prevail. We must stand united with our brothers and sisters in the City of Light to protect our Freedom, our principles and our way of life” stressed […]

We are glad to invite you to the 5th European Federalist Convention!   REGISTER NOW: The eurocrisis and the refugees crisis demonstrated that today’s Europe is not able to tackle key challenges. Selfishness and short-termism have paralysed Europe over the past six years while the world has become increasingly unstable. In the same vein, […]

“Europe is confronted with two apparently opposite forces. On the one hand, a centrifugal force expressed through nationalist and regionalist movements. On the other hand, a centripetal force requiring more European integration in view of today’s global challenges that no country or region can tackle alone, such as the refugee crisis, climate change or terrorism” […]

Brussels, 15th September 2015 We strongly condemn the lack of results of yesterdays’ Justice and Home Affairs Ministers meeting in Brussels where, once again, representatives from EU Member States demonstrated their incapacity to take collective action in times of crisis. It was April 19th when more than 800 refugees died in the Mediterranean. One month […]

Brussels, 10th September 2015     ​The first political​ly elected President of the Commission, in his first State of the Union address to the European Parliament, made an honest and emotional assessment of our Union. Predictably, Mr Juncker found it lacking on many fronts: “The Union is not in a good state, there is not […]

Brussels, 24th August 2015   PRESS RELEASE THALYS ATTACK or MIGRATION? It’s SCHENGEN’s fault! (not really).   In the aftermath of the attempted attack on a train connecting Amsterdam to Paris, Belgian Prime Minister, has argued that Schengen must be reformed. This comes a few days after the shocking statements by German interior minister who […]

Brussels, 20 July 2015 PRESS RELEASE (FR version en bas) “EUROZONE FEDERAL UNION: PARLIAMENT, BUDGET AND GOVERNMENT” The European Federalist Party welcomes French President François Hollande’s proposal to instil new energy into the European project through a Eurozone government, dedicated budget and parliament. “The Greek-crisis is only a symptom of the underlying weakness of the […]

A “SCHUMAN-STYLE” FIX TO THE EURO CRISIS: “Federalise” Eurozone debt & reinforce Euro-governance (FR Version below) Ahead of Sunday’s make-or-break Eurozone/EU Summit it is clear that only an “out of the box” solution can rebuild the necessary trust among Eurozone member states and citizens to solve the current Euro crisis. “What we need is creative […]

     Brussels, 3rd of JULY     PRESS RELEASE (EN)  THE GREEK CRISIS CAN ONLY BE SOLVED WITH A EUROPEAN VISION! In light of the dramatic developments regarding Greece, the European Federalist Party expresses its deep concern about the future of the country and of our Union. Irresponsible brinkmanship from all sides has led the […]

In this newsletter: 1) Launching of the Petition 2) Europe Day – The EFP celebrated 9th May across Europe! 3) Open Letter by EFP President and Vice-president to Merkel and Tsipras 4) Recent Events 5) Next Events Have an impact: Renew your membership! As you will see below, we have been very active in the […]

(French Version Below) Yesterday the EU Commission presented its Agenda on Migration. The agenda consists of a set of proposals that will be presented to the Council meeting in June for approval. As coordinators of the campaign, we welcome the launch of the Agenda and are encouraged by the attention paid, and resources put […]

(French version below) “The decisions made by the European Council yesterday on the immigration emergency come late and fall far short of what would be needed” says European campaign coordinator and EFP board member Marco Marazzi. The Council adopted some measures yesterday which fall far short of what would be needed to address the […]

The Article was published (among others) by: – L’Echo – Belgian National Newspaper: –  Calea Europeana – Romanian Magazine: – Via Diplomacy – Greek Magazine: – The Open Cyprus Daily – Cypriot Magazine: – Euractiv/ – European Magazine:   Caricature by Pascal Hansens                 Language Title English Angela and Alexis, […]

Not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. In this newsletter: 1) Have an impact: Renew your membership! 2) EFP in world, national and local news! 3) EFP took part in the elections in Greece and France 4) Recent Events Across Europe 5) Next Events OPENING MESSAGE: Europe is at a critical juncture struck by […]

Brussels, 17th March 2015 PRESS STATEMENT ECB CHIEF PROPOSES “QUANTUM LEAP” IN EUROZONE GOVERNANCE ALONG FEDERAL LINES The European Federalist Party ​(EFP)​ welcomes the proposal made on 16 March by the President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi on the need to make a “quantum leap in the institutional governance” of the Eurozone in order […]

Brussels, 9th March 2015 PRESS RELEASE JUNKER’STATEMENT ON THE NEED FOR A EUROPEAN ARMY (FR Version below) The European Federalist Party ​(EFP)​ welcomes the proposal made by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to create a “European Army” to face the threat represented by an increasingly assertive Russia as well as other security threats. […]

16th February 2015 Press release on the Minsk agreement (french version below ) The European Federalist Party (EFP) welcomes the agreement reached in Minsk between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France, and stresses the importance of its full implementation on the ground by all concerned and exhort all parties to respect the agreed ceasefire. We underline […]

8th January 2015 PRESS RELEASE: Paris attack against freedom and democracy Today, France and the EU are in mourning. 10 journalists of Charlie Hebdo and 2 policemen were brutally murdered in a terrorist attack by religious fundamentalists in the heart of Paris, the city of Enlightenment. 4 are still between life and death. The European […]

15th December 2014 PRESS RELEASE ON LIMA CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE ( LIMA CONFERENCE ) – French version below – The European Federalist Party welcomes the agreement reached at the UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 20) in Lima, Peru, in the early hours of Sunday, 14 December. The main outcome of the conference, “The Lima […]

Meet the members of the new federal board of the European Federalist Party who were elected at the EFP Federal Conventions in Athens on November 9th!   MESSAGE FROM OUR NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT: Dear friends of the European Federalist Party,I wish to thank you for your continuous support to our work and, in particular, I […]

                     Brussels, the 2nd December PRESS RELEASE: Europeans in the UK are not immigrants migrant but citizens. (FR version below) The European Federalist Party condemns the content of the speech pronounced by Cameron. “European citizens living, studying or working in the UK are not immigrants but EU citizens!” argued Pietro De Matteis, President of the […]

Brussels, 1st December 2014 PRESS STATEMENT on the JUNCKER PLAN (FR version below) The European Federalist Party​ (EFP)​ welcomes the €315 billion Juncker​ Investment​ Plan and considers that it is moving in the right direction​, shifting the focus from austerity to investment​.  The plan offers a stimulus to the European economy at a time of ​significant economic stagnation […]

The European Federalist Party successfully held its 4th Eurpean Convention in Athens on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November 2014 with the theme “From European elections to establishing European Federalism”. On Saturday 8th, the Convention hosted four panels with high-level speakers, including Members of the Greek Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Health, Members […]

A new European board will be elected at the Convention this Sunday November 9th. To see each candidate’s motivation letter and CV, please click here. Further detailed programme information can be found in our Eventbrite page. We look forward to seeing you in Athens! RENEW Your Membership & DONATE! Help us to help Europe! Especially during tough economic […]

4th European Federalist Convention Mark your calendars! We are happy to announce that the 4th European Federalist Convention will be held at the Coral Hotel in Athens, over the weekend of November 8th and 9th, 2014.Detailed programme information can be found in our Eventbrite page. Registration for both EFP-members and non-members is available through Eventbrite. […]

The European Federalist Party sends its condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims of the crash of the 777 Malaysia Airlines plane travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and calls for the establishment of a day of mourning to commemorate the victims (171 out of 298 were EU citizens). The pain of their […]

STRASBOURG – The European Federalist Party congratulates Jean-Claude Juncker as the first elected president of the European Commission and demands that his election brings more accountability and more ambition to the work carried out by the European Union. Yesterday, July 15th, the second EU legislative chamber representing the people (the European Parliament) voted by absolute […]

27th  June 2014 Statement by the co-President, Pietro De Matteis Today, 27th June 2014, is an historic day as the 1st elected President of the European Commission is on his way to take office. The European Council has voted by qualified majority to approve Jean-Claude Juncker as the next European Commission President (only the UK […]

Brussels, June 2nd 2014 The European Federalist Party strongly condemns the decision taken by the heads of states and government within the European Council not to endorse the European Commission President-elect following last week’s European Parliament’s elections. This can be considered the EU’s first coup d’état operated by the European Council against the European Parliament […]

Brussels, 23 May 2014 ————————————————————— PRESS RELEASE – Outrage at racist comments by the UK Independence Party ————————————————————— The comments from Nigel Farage about eastern Europeans, and specifically the slur against Romanian people came just in time for the British public to get a glimpse of the real UKIP which will make a lot of those who were […]

Brussels – 5 May 2014. European Federalist Party (EFP) candidates from Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy and Portugal presented their vision for Europe at a joint Press Conference yesterday in Brussels. EFP is the first-ever transnational party, with sections in 16 countries and with candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections across the continent (a […]

INVITATION – PRESS CONFERENCE European Elections: the European Federalist Party runs in 7 countries Meet the candidates from Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal & Hungary*   Monday May 5th at 10:15, Café de la Presse Sablon, Rue de la Régence, 26 – 1000 – Bruxelles   In stark contrast with the increasingly vocal anti-Europeans […]

Brussels, 7 April 2014 ————————————————————— PRESS RELEASE – Federalism instead of Nationalism – Statement on the Hungarian elections by the European Federalist Party Hungary ————————————————————— National parliamentary elections took place in Hungary on 6 April 2014. It was the seventh time elections were held since the political changes of 1990 and turnout was the second […]

The EU must decide on REAL economic sanctions now! We MUST NOT ACCEPT any state breaking international law and invading other countries in the heart of Europe! For more, read the full statement here. ————————————————————— The European Federalist Party (EFP) is the pan-European party for a more democratic, united and solidary Europe: a Europe of […]

The European Federalist Party strongly condemns the banning of Twitter by Turkish courts this week. The ban represents not only a form of modern censorship and curtailment of the freedom of speech of Turkish citizens, but also the evidence of a fradulent political system, which fails to uphold accountability and transparency of governing bodies under […]

Coming to an election booth near you… The European Federalist Party will present candidates for the European Parliament elections on May 22nd-25th in Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy and Portugal. In states where we do not have a direct candidate, you can still show your support for the federalist cause by voting for those officially […]

The European Federalist Party expresses its solidarity with the people of Ukraine and condemns the violent repressions of protests in Kiev and in other parts of the country. As Europeans and as federalists we are convinced that what is happening in Ukraine these days concerns us all. This is why we in the European Federalist […]

Brussels, 5th December 2013 PRESS RELEASE – Thank you Nelson Mandela. Today, 5th December 2013, the world deplores the death of a great man. Nelson Mandela, you taught us that change is possible even in the hardest circumstances. You showed the world that reconciliation is the best way to make that change sustainable. You demonstrated […]

Brussels, 1 December 2013 PRESS RELEASE – Pro-EU Demonstrations in Ukraine The European Federalist Party is observing the current situation in Ukraine carefully and condemns the use of violence. Despite being elected to bring prosperity to the citizens of its country, and having committed to all European Union governments to sign an Association Agreement with […]

Results of the 3rd Convention of the European Federalist Party! Federalist Convention: Brussels November 9th and 10th The European Federalist Party successfully held its 3rd European Federal Convention in Brussels last weekend (November 9th and 10th) with the theme: “Bridging the gap between civil society and European politics”.  Around 200 participants from all over Europe […]

Pietro De Matteis, PhD, co-President, European Federalist Party. Apart from the election of the first European Parliament in 1979, European elections have hardly been considered a decisive moment in European politics. But this time it is different. The Eurozone crisis has dramatically shown us how our lives are deeply interconnected, and how policies decided (or […]

“Bridging the Gap between European Civil Society and European politic!” November 9th-10th, Press Club Brussels Europe, 95 Rue Froissart, Brussels To REGISTER (for free) click HERE!   The current economic crisis has showed that only a more united Europe can face this century’s challenges, providing growth and jobs to the European people while preserving their welfare. At the same […]

You are invited to attend: European Federalist Party Convention Saturday, November 9, 2013 12:00 PM until Sunday, November 10, 2013 6:00 PM RESERVATIONS WILL CLOSE at 16:00 on FRIDAY November 8th.  If not allowed to pre-register, please come directly on the event day and register on-site. BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN EUROPEAN CIVIL SOCIETY AND EUROPEAN […]

European Federalist Party: Convention in Brussels in ONE MONTH! Federal Convention: Brussels November 9th and 10th The third Federal Convention of the European Federalist Party will take place at the European Press Club in Brussels over the weekend of November 9th and 10th. The final version of our electoral programme will be voted on during […]

Pietro De Matteis, PhD, co-President, European Federalist Party. Over the past four years some of us may have forgotten that the financial crisis did not start in Europe, but in the USA. If it makes sense to ask ourselves where it all started, it is even more relevant for us to understand what happened on […]

Last Wednesday (12 June 2012), the European Parliament adopted the so called Common European Asylum System (CEAS). This new legislative package enacts further harmonization and a fairer, more humane, approach to asylum policy in the EU. It consists of four major directives on asylum procedures, minimum reception conditions, transfer of asylum seekers and a specific […]

To all Turkish men and women currently protesting in favour of pluralism, democracy and respect of human rights: the European Federalist Party (EFP) wants to express its solidarity with your struggle. We European citizens and members of the EFP are convinced that today, the European ideals are embodied by the defence of the trees of […]

Following the tragic turn of events in Turkey, a EU candidate state, the EFP firmly reaffirms its support for any kind of democratic movement or action, including people’s right to assembly and protest. We consider what is happening in Turkey not acceptable and we strongly condemn any kind of violence against Turkish citizens. The European […]

EU prepares plans for a common European telecom market by 2015 -In a speech on Thursday, EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes called for a thorough reform of telecom regulations and the creation of a pan-European telecom market. The new reform proposals are expected to be agreed in April 2014 and should make it easier for operators […]

European Federalist Party: Happy Europe Day! Europe Day (Photo by: OneEurope) Europe Day (9 May) celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historical ‘Schuman declaration‘. At a speech in Paris in 1950, the French foreign minister, Robert Schuman, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation […]

We are over 10,000! THANK YOU! Within just 2 months, we more than doubled our number of supporters on Facebook and gained hundreds of new members from all over Europe! People just like you! Get involved now, and don’t forget to pay your MEMBERSHIP FEE at And if you wish to have a leading role in the […]

Call for contributions to our Electoral Programme! Electoral Programme We are presently working on a draft of our electoral progamme for the 2014 European Parliament elections. Using as a basis our Manifesto, we are organizing working groups in the following areas: 1.  Democracy and accountability (institutional design) 2.  European Integration 3.  Employment 4.  Foreign and […]

The European Federalist Party is disappointed with Chancellor Merkel’s speech at Davos on January 24th, where she proposed the adoption of a competitiveness pact via contracts between each member state and the European Commission, to be approved individually by national parliaments. We believe her formulation of a pact amongst “nation-states” is anachronistic and insufficient to […]

European Year of Citizens 2013: More is needed   We don’t just want to discuss – we want to decide! On Thursday (10/01/2013), the kick-off of the “European Year of Citizens” was celebrated in Dublin with a discussion event with EU Fundamental Rights Commissioner Vivianne Reding. The focus of this European Year of Citizens will […]

European Federalist Party: New European Board elected and Party manifesto adopted at the EFP Convention in Rome on 3-4 November 2012! Party Manifesto On 3-4 November we held the 2nd Convention of the European Federalist Party. This year the convention took place at the Hotel dei Congressi in Rome and it was the occasion for […]

Join us for the second Federal Convention in Rome this weekend and vote on our new European board! There is still time to register! Second European Federalist Convention in Rome THIS WEEKEND (November 3rd and 4th). REGISTER NOW!        Have YOUR SAY on YOUR FUTURE! There is still time for you to join us in Rome […]

European Federalist Party Newsletter: Join us for the second Federal Convention in Rome on November 3rd and 4th! Register now! Read on about the Commission calling out for a federation of nation-states, and much more! In this Newsletter: Second European Federalist Convention in Rome on November 3rd and 4th. REGISTER NOW! Election of the European […]

European Federalist Party Newsletter: The EFP is working for you! New local sections, French and Dutch elections, reduced roaming charges, Europe-wide flashmobs and much more! In this Newsletter: Roaming fees more than halved by European Parliament and Council. “We are all Europeans!” flashmob campaigns. The EFP successfully took part in the French National Elections. The […]

The European Summit of June 28-29 has provided the EU with a “life vest” in order to avoid the Euro to sink but it has failed to teach the EU how to swim. In other words, this Summit has once again been unable to give the EU the necessary tools to overcome the crisis once […]

 – Citizens’ Campaign got EU to lower prices much more than originally planned – Checking your e-mails, surfing the web and making calls while on holiday will once again become cheaper on Sunday. On July 1, the newest EU rules against high roaming charges will come in force and cap prices for calls, SMS and […]

The Greek elections show that national politics is powerless in front of the crisis. We ask for a Federal Europe now! The second round of parliamentary elections in Greece has shown that the Greek people do not want to put into question their participation in the European project in any way. Facing the hard choice […]

European Federalist Party Newsletter: A stronger European Party closer to you! Message from European Board Dear Fellow Europeans, Thanks to the work carried out by Bengt Beier and the other former Presidents, the Party has grown significantly throughout the past few years, focusing on achieving tangible results and bringing real value for you and for […]

European Federalist Party: Call for contributions to our Electoral Programme! Electoral ProgrammeWe are presently working on a draft of our electoral progamme for the 2014 European Parliament elections. Using as a basis our Manifesto, we are organizing working groups in the following areas: 1.  Democracy and accountability (institutional design) 2.  European Integration 3.  Employment 4.  […]

In light of the European Council that is taking place today, December 9th 2011 in Brussels, the European Federalist Party welcomes the move towards further fiscal and political integration in Europe, BUT stresses the importance of doing so through a federalist approach. The European Federalist Party calls on the heads of state and government to […]

1. Message from the Outgoing President Dear members, supporters and friends, Europe United has changed – last weekend in Paris, we started a new and exciting project: the European Federalist Party! Combining the knowledge and network breadth of Europe United with the power and political experience of the Parti Fédéraliste, this new party will change […]

On Sunday 6th November 2011 the Parti Fédéraliste and Europe United have joined their forces and built the European Federalist Party. In framework of the current economic crisis that has hardly hit European citizens, the objective of this new political formation is to work actively to build a European Federal State able to answer to […]

Update for the Paris Convention: Program, Statutes, Speakers   Dear members, as the Convention in Paris is drawing closer (it’s this weekend already!), we would like to send you some of the proposals that have been made for the Program, Statutes and Board Candidates we will discuss and vote on in Paris. In addition, we […]

Europeans for Fair Roaming (, the network of citizens and organisations fighting against unfairly high roaming charges in the European Union welcomes the new EU proposals for bringing down roaming charges over the next years but is convicted that the proposed price caps for data roaming at 90ct/MB to 50ct/MB and the cap for receiving […]