Foundation of the European Federalist Party

On Sunday 6th November 2011 the Parti Fédéraliste and Europe United have joined their forces and built the European Federalist Party.

In framework of the current economic crisis that has hardly hit European citizens, the objective of this new political formation is to work actively to build a European Federal State able to answer to today’s global and local challenges.

With this aim, this new European-wide political party will propose candidates all electoral campaigns that will be run in Europe in the coming years and, most importantly, it will do so by presenting the same political programme throughout Europe. The European Federalist Party is already active in Austria, France (including several regional sections), Germany, Spain and UK, and will soon open a new section in Belgium.

Saturday November 5th, several experts coming from various European countries met in Paris and highlighted the need for a step further in the process of European integration towards a federal Europe. Amongst others, Marco Pannella – former MEP, former member of the Italian Parliament and colleague of Altiero Spinelli – shared with the participants his long-lasting federalist experience and showed his interest in the work of the European Federalist Party.

The governing board of the new party is composed by Pietro De Matteis (co-president), Yves Gernigon (co-president), Hélène Feo (vice-president), Jan Van Arkel (vice-president) and Nico Segers (treasurer). On Sunday November 6th the members of the Convention have adopted the Statute of the Party.

EFP_founding_members.1                      EFP_convention_panel