PRESS RELEASE – Pro-EU Demonstrations in Ukraine

Brussels, 1 December 2013


PRESS RELEASE – Pro-EU Demonstrations in Ukraine


The European Federalist Party is observing the current situation in Ukraine carefully and condemns the use of violence. Despite being elected to bring prosperity to the citizens of its country, and having committed to all European Union governments to sign an Association Agreement with the EU for the benefit of its citizens, the Ukrainian government has withdrawn at the last moment.

We understand that Ukraine has a unique position economically, politically and geopolitically. We understand that Ukraine has a unique relationship with Russia. However, we would like to send a clear message to anyone who opposes closer ties between Ukraine and the EU.

We, Europeans, are not a threat to the interests of Ukraine, and likewise we do not threaten Russia. On the contrary, we want to live in a peaceful world. We respect Ukraine and Russia as countries, and at the same time we want to see prosperity come for their citizens.

This is why in this specific situation we ask from the Ukrainian Government to respect the rights of protestors and the principle “pacta sunt servanda”. Moreover, we ask from the Russian Government to come one step closer to Europe. The European Convention of Human Rights has been ratified by Russia for the benefit of its citizens, recognizing the fact that Russia considers itself a European state, giving paramount focus to civil rights.

This is why we support the idea that Ukraine, Russia, and the EU are allies and friends, and that they should work together for a safe, peaceful and prosperous world.

To all the Ukrainian citizens who affirm, with their presence in the streets of Kiev, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities, that they want to be Europeans, we, the European Federalist Party, want to bring our solidarity message. We send our message of solidarity to Ukrainian citizens who feel European, but they do not express it openly. The same message is sent to citizens of Ukraine and Russia who feel that the EU is not a threat to their interests.

In fact, all of you affirm that your future is in Europe, and with you we say “Ukraine is Europe”.

We believe that what is to be the future of the Ukrainian people should only be decided by Ukrainian citizens; and we believe that all true friends of Ukraine should assist the development of the economic, social and political life of Ukraine.

The development of the Ukrainian economy and society rests on the empowerment of its citizens, in the full use of individual and political liberties – and for this a transparent and fully-functioning democracy is necessary.

We call on European Governments to act with a single voice and to remain committed to pursuing a close relationship between the European Union and Ukraine. We call on the Ukrainian and the Russian Governments to accept the fact that such a relationship will also help promoting the relationship of Ukraine with Russia, as the former is not a threat to anyone.

Europeans are ready to build closer ties to Ukraine and Russia. The European Federalist Party is ready to express this wish of Europeans for the benefit of Ukraine, Russia, and the EU.

European values, respect for human rights, rule of law, individual freedoms shall be reaffirmed in Ukraine, in Russia, and in Europe.

This is why we say, “Ukraine is Europe”.


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