About Us

On Saturday, December 3rd, at the 6th European Federalist Convention, three different European federalist movements decided to work as one: Stand up for the United States of Europe, the European Federalist Party and United States of Europe Now. The three movements agreed and voted the same program and bylaws in order to integrate their organizations into a single European movement calling for a Federal Europe based on more powerful and democratic institutions.

With the presence of more than 150 people from all over Europe a new organization, called ‘Stand up for Europe’ was launched and a new board was elected with Richard Laub as President, Pietro De Matteis as Vice-President and Bálint Gyévai as Secretary General.

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The European Federalist Party is the pan-European political party striving for a more democratic, efficient and cohesive Europe: a Europe closer to its people!”.

In times when challenges are increasingly global, national parties are simply unable to deliver on their promises to generate growth and jobs or to continue providing satisfactory levels welfare to their citizens. Only a truly European approach to these problems can provide satisfactory solutions. The European Federalist Party is the only political party that is active everywhere in Europe and connects people across borders.

The EFP is not affiliated with, or financed by, any European institution.

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