PRESS RELEASE: EFP calls for less intergovernamentalism in the management of the crisis

In light of the European Council that is taking place today, December 9th 2011 in Brussels, the European Federalist Party welcomes the move towards further fiscal and political integration in Europe, BUT stresses the importance of doing so through a federalist approach.

The European Federalist Party calls on the heads of state and government to reject inter-governamentalism and to give a stronger voice to the European Parliament, being Europe’s only democratically elected institution.

The European Federalist Party welcomes the signature of Croatia’s accession to the EU scheduled for 2013. At the same time, in order to ensure effective policy-making in a constantly enlarging European Union, the EFP stresses the need to extend majority voting on all policy areas.

On occasion of the forthcoming revision of the Treaties, the European Federalist Party equally asks to reinforce the democratic link between the European Parliament and the European Commission and urgently demands to call for a European Citizens’ Convention to democratise the process of European integration.