PRESS RELEASE – Federalism instead of Nationalism: Hungarian elections

Brussels, 7 April 2014


PRESS RELEASE – Federalism instead of Nationalism – Statement on the Hungarian elections by the European Federalist Party Hungary


National parliamentary elections took place in Hungary on 6 April 2014. It was the seventh time elections were held since the political changes of 1990 and turnout was the second lowest since then at 61 per cent. The currently ruling right-wing populist party Fidesz (Young Democrats) regained power with a comprehensive majority with 44.5 per cent of the vote (national list) and a probable two-third majority in the parliament. In addition, the far-right extremist party, Jobbik has gained much bigger public support since the last parliamentary election. The final result of the current election will be announced later. But the result of the election reflects increasing nationalistic sentiment and could result in the further turning away from our common Europe.

This is a worrying sign, as we think that the future of Hungary lies within the European Union. As a new party, EFP Hungary works to show a viable political alternative to old-fashioned and outdated political sentiments. We are convinced that our common wish for a safer, better life can only be achieved through further European integration and a federal Europe. For this we need only one person: You. We want to engage the increasing number of Europeans who feel disenchanted by politics, as this is the only way to avoid giving a stronger voice to extremist movements.
If you agree with the idea of a united Europe, please support our candidacy to run for the 2014 European Parliamentary election with your signature.


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