EFP Newsletter – November 2011. A new political era has started!

1. Message from the Outgoing President

Dear members, supporters and friends,

Europe United has changed – last weekend in Paris, we started a new and exciting project: the European Federalist Party!

Combining the knowledge and network breadth of Europe United with the power and political experience of the Parti Fédéraliste, this new party will change the course of European history. With active chapters in five European states and many thousands of members, supporters and followers, we are already the largest ever political movement for a democratic and united Europe! I am glad to be a part of this movement and I know that the new Board will continue doing great work just as all of our activists have up until now! The governing board of the new Party is composed by Pietro De Matteis (co-president), Yves Gernigon (co-president), Hélène Feo (vice-president), Jan Van Arkel (vice-president) and Nico Segers (treasurer).

Our vision of Europe needs a real and courageous re-launch, a true revolution towards a Europe of the people, by the people, and for the people! National politicians and national decisions have failed us. The solution to this crisis can only be a European one. This is our call for arms.

The time for Europe is now! Time for action is now! Together, we can do it!

Greetings from Salzburg,

Bengt Beier

2. Key Convention Take-Aways

This past Sunday November 6th the Parti Fédéraliste and Europe United joined forces and created the European Federalist Party. Its primary objective is to build a European Federal State better suited to respond to the increasingly pan-European challenges facing our citizens, such as the current Eurozone crisis. With this aim in mind, the new Party will propose candidates for all European electoral campaigns in the coming years and, most importantly, will do so presenting a common political programme throughout.


On Saturday November 5th, several expert panels highlighted the need to further the process of European integration towards a federal Europe. Amongst other speakers, Marco Pannella – former MEP, former member of the Italian Parliament and colleague of Altiero Spinelli – shared his long-lived federalist experience with us and is now officially involved in the work of the European Federalist Party.

3. EFP Fundamental Principles and what this means for YOU

Party members in attendance at the convention approved new Statutes on November 6th. As a member of Europe United, your membership will be automatically extended to the new European Federalist Party. As a supporter, our fundamental objective remains unchanged. Based on your previous questionnaire input and our past political experience, the fundamental principles defining the new Party are as follows:

1) The EFP’s central goal is to create a federal Europe.
2) We will work towards the convocation of a Constitutional Assembly elected by universal suffrage in Europe. The latter should draft a European federal constitution that will conform to the principles of human rights and popular representation. The constitution shall then be ratified by every state.

3) We advocate the creation of a common federal budget.
4) States’ competences are to be transferred to the Federal State according to the principle of subsidiarity.
5) The Federal State shall represent all member states in Foreign Affairs, which will provide Europe with a more powerful and united voice on the world stage. European foreign policy must respect human rights and international law.

6) The federal state shall not interfere in cultural and religious affairs.
7) Social security and healthcare provision are to be guaranteed by the Federal State.
8) The EFP pledges to preserve the biological diversity of our continent as well as the sustainable management of our environment and natural resources.

4. Help us help Europe

Especially during tough economic times for all of us such as the present, your financial support is ever more valuable. Even small donations can help make a difference if we all come forward. Your contribution is essential to ensure the momentum of the new Federalist Party is kept alive. So please consider showing your support for a Federalist Europe by donating. As always, our organization continues to be fully run by volunteers who are actively pushing for a mammoth-size project. It is no easy task and every little bit helps ensure our Party always has the financial as well as human resources necessary to succeed. If you wish to donate, you can do so easily and safely here.

If you would like to know how to get involved in your own region in other ways, ask us!