PRESS RELEASE: Greek elections show that national politics are powerless in the face of the crisis

The Greek elections show that national politics is powerless in front of the crisis. We ask for a Federal Europe now!

The second round of parliamentary elections in Greece has shown that the Greek people do not want to put into question their participation in the European project in any way. Facing the hard choice between strict austerity measures or the even worse scenario of a forced Euro exit, the people of Greece have chosen the lesser of the two evils. It is now time for Europe to provide some real solutions to the current crisis, which is not only a Greek crisis but a wider confidence crisis in the future of our continent. It has become increasingly clear that the decisions that are shaping citizens’ life are not anymore taken in national capitals. Quite the contrary, national politicians are utterly powerless in their efforts to tackle the world crisis. Only a European approach can give back Europeans a say on their future!

Three paths are now possible. One would see powerless member states tricking the electorate and call for a return back to nationalism, asking for the reestablishment of the frontiers in Europe. This would turn the crisis into a new worldwide Great Depression. The second could see European heads of states and government realising that only a European solution can end the crisis, but they could fail to engage the European people in the process. The third path, instead, could be a courageous and visionary move towards a more integrated and democratic Europe. A Europe that is able to safeguard the living standards of Europeans and that engages them in the creation of an effective political union. This is the way forward! The European Federalist Party is the only pan-European political party that fully stands for a federal Europe, a Europe that is able to safeguard a bright future for the next generations of Europeans!

What we need now is a Europe that can take decisions and put an end to the crisis. The people of Europe cannot afford any more muddling through and uncertainty!

Pietro De Matteis
European Federalist Party