EFP Newsletter – February 2012. Contribute to our Electoral Programme!

European Federalist Party: Call for contributions to our Electoral Programme!

Electoral ProgrammeWe are presently working on a draft of our electoral progamme for the 2014 European Parliament elections. Using as a basis our Manifesto, we are organizing working groups in the following areas:

1.  Democracy and accountability (institutional design) 2.  European Integration
3.  Employment 4.  Foreign and defense policy
5.  Security 6.  Public Finances
7.  Fiscal harmonization 8.  European Central Bank
9.  European social model 10. Solidarity (cohesion policy)
11. Justice 12. Industrial policy
13. Energy policy 14. Environment
15. Research and Innovation 16. Culture
17. Education 18. Language

If you feel that your expertise could help us in one or more of these areas, and would like to collaborate, please let us know by contacting us at info@federalistparty.eu.

The more input we get, the more representative our programme will be and the more robust our solutions for the future of Europe!

Press Releases

Here’s a brief summary of our most recent statements on current European affairs.

What Europe looks like after Cameron’s speech: the road towards the 2014 EP elections

Our take on David Cameron’s January 23rd speech on the relation between Britain and the EU: it is clear that the British Prime Minister hopes for a yes to a referendum that, in his eyes, should have two effects. On the one hand, it should confirm the need for the “repatriation” of certain powers to the UK; on the other, it should allow him to keep the leadership of the Tories ahead of the next Parliamentary elections.

Chancellor Merkel’s Davos’ speech

We are disappointed with Chancellor Merkel’s speech at Davos on January 24th, where she proposed the adoption of a competitiveness pact via contracts between each member state and the European Commission.

Tougher credit rating rules approved by the European Parliament

We support the new rules on credit ratings agencies approved by the European Parliament on January 23rd and call for the establishment of a European Credit Rating Agency.

Campaign Support

We have recently endorsed two deserving European Citizen Initiatives: Fraternité 2020, which advocates enhanced Erasmus, European Volunteer Service and other exchange programs; and Right2Water, the largest ECI against privatization of water resources and fighting for the recognition of access to water and sanitation as a public good and universal right.

We are also looking forward to the publication of the European Federalist Papers – an initiative of Leo Klinkers and Herbert Tombeur.

RENEW Your Membership & DONATE! Help us to help Europe!

Especially during tough economic times, your financial support is fundamental. We therefore invite you to consider showing your support for the federalist cause by becoming a Full Member of the European Federalist Party, by renewing your membership and by donating. Please remember that our organization continues to be fully run by volunteers. To bring forward this continental-scale project we need financial as well as human resources.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, by credit card or by Paypal. Please follow this link to make your payment.

If you wish to have a more active role in the EFP through national or local sections, please write an e-mail to Pietro De Matteis, EFP co-President (e-mail: pietro.dematteis@federalistparty.eu).