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The European Federalist Party is the only bottom-up and pan-European political party striving for a more democratic, efficient and cohesive Europe: a Europe closer to you!

The European Federalist Party is fully self-funded through donations and membership fees of Europeans like you who want to change Europe. We all work on a voluntary basis and to continue our activity we need your support!

Even a few euros can make the difference! If you can, help us with a donation!


For example: 50 Euros will allow us to pay for our website for two months. 100 Euros will allow us to produce up to 2000 copies of our manifesto and a few hundred euros will allow us to get people to actively attract signatures for our campaigns for a better Europe!


There are two ways to donate. You can:

1. Send money online by credit card. To do so just click the “donate” button below and follow the instructions:

2. Transfer money directly to our bank account. To do so, make a transfer using the bank details below:

Recipient: Parti Federaliste Europeen – European Federalist Party ASBL, Av. Paul Dejaer 21, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Communication for the transfer: Donation + Your Name and Address + speacific purpose for the donation (if any).
Bank Details:  ING Belgium SA/NV, Rond-Point R. Schuman, 8, 1040 – Bruxelles – Belgium.
IBAN: BE62 3631 2110 6661;  BIC/Swift: BBRUBEBB

Please do always indicate your name and address when making a donation so that we can confirm the receipt of the money.