2nd European Federalist Convention in Rome this week end!

Join us for the second Federal Convention in Rome this weekend and vote on our new European board! There is still time to register!

Second European Federalist Convention in Rome THIS WEEKEND (November 3rd and 4th). REGISTER NOW!
       Have YOUR SAY on YOUR FUTURE! There is still time for you to join us in Rome this Saturday and Sunday to discuss about our future with high level speakers from all over Europe and officially open the 2014 European Parliament election campaign. Conference attendence is free for all. There will be a dinner with speakers for which EFP members benefit from a special price, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Our final list of speakers includes

  • Panayotis Theodoracopoulos, long-term carrier diplomat, former Greek ambassador to Russia, Libya and UAE;
  • Pier Virgilio Dastoli, President of the Italian Council of the European Movement and member of the Spinelli Group;
  • Ulrike Guerot, European Council of Foreign Relations;
  • Bruno Tinti, former judge, writer and journalist;
  • Edouard Gaudot, political advisor for the Green Group at the European Parliament and member of the Spinelli Group;
  • Piter de Jong, vice-President of EU-China Chamber of Commerce;
  • Paolo Acunzo, deputy-Secretary General of the European Federalist Movement (Italy).
  • Alessandro Politi, director of the NATO Defense College Foundation.

REGISTER NOW by visiting this page and stay updated with the latest details on the Convention through our dedicated facebook page. For any specific scheduling questions please contact Enrico Cappelletti.

Election of the European Board

The new European board will be elected at the Convention on Sunday November 4th. Below you will find a short message from each candidate presented to the board.

Pietro de Matteis

Co-President of the EFP, I joined the federalist movements after my Erasmus year in Paris in 2003. Following the rejection of the “European Constitution” in France and in the Netherlands I decided to help Europeans to have their say in European politics and I founded “United for
Europe”, one of the bricks of what is today the European Federalist Party.

As a convinced European federalist, I currently work for the European Commission (Brussels) after some experience at the European Central Bank (Frankfurt) and at the EU Institute for Security Studies (Paris). An economist by training, I graduated from the University of Milan-Bicocca
(summa cum laude) and obtained a Masters-level degree from the European College of Parma. To understand better Europe’s challenges and opportunities in this new century, I researched towards a PhD at the University of Cambridge, which allowed me to spend a year researching in the US (Columbia University) and in China (Renmin University).

During my current one-year term as co-President of the European Federalist Party, and thanks to the amazing work carried out by our team, many national chapters have been opened, including those in Italy, the Netherlands, Asia and Greece. I have also ensured the representation of the EFP in Brussels and beyond, coordinated the management of the party Europe-wide and managed the relations with the European Institutions as well as with other pro-European and federalist organisations.

Yves Gernigon

Co-President of EFP, I have been a federalist activist for more than 15 years. Involved in the French Federalist Party for 10 years, I was elected President in 2009.

Under my presidency, the Federalist Party opened several local chapters. I launched a large number of political actions and I led local and general elections in France. On these occasions, I met a lot of European political leaders and the EFP began to be mentioned in the media.

In 2011, I also was one of the original initiators of the merger between Europe United and the French Federalist Party, which became today the European Federalist Party.

I am a strong European supporter and believe our party must vigorously defend the interests of European citizens. A federal Europe cannot exist without support from its people.

In June 2012, I ran for French parliamentary elections in the 1st constituency of the North district. Living in Lille, I have been working in Paris as an adviser in corporate and financial communication for more than 20 years. I was born in 1964 in Brittany and studied in Sciences-Po Paris. I have a Master in Economics, Law and Politics.

Jean Pepi

I would like to submit my candidature to the Board of the Party for the following reasons:

  1. I have been a European supporter from the very first hour and convinced that the sole political solution for Europe is integrated federalism;
  2. I would like to spend the remaining part of my life contributing to this target in order to do my best endeavour in giving my sons and grandsons the opportunity to live in a prosperous and peaceful environment;
  3. I strongly feel that the moment has arrived where a new generation of politicians with a European vision should take over the field and bring new inputs in the present mutation process;
  4. I trust that the EFP is the right initiative to achieve the above mentioned objectives and I would like to bring my experience and competences to help the young Party to grow and take its place in the European political landscape;
  5. I have been a member of the Party since 2005, I was elected Member of the board on 6 November 2006 and signed the “petition of the European Citizens Initiative” with Mikael Latreille on 9 November 2006 at the European Parliament;

Living in Brussels since 40 years, I have a Master in Business and Administration from Solvay Business School and a degree in Law at ULB Brussels. I managed companies in various economic sectors since 1975 and entered at the European Commission in 2009 in the DG Research and Innovation.

I could dedicate part of my free time to the Party in strategic, organisational and legal matters.

Thank you in advance for your attention and support.

Maria Coelho

I would like to present my candidacy for the position of PR manager of the European Federalist Party. I have been a dedicated member working consistently for the EFP for over two years, both at the front of our newsletter, and as the national coordinator for Portugal. I have had firsthand experience with our online advertising campaigns in the social media, and I strongly believe that my current involvement in the redevelopment of our advertising and fundraising efforts positions me well to advance the strength of our PR strategy, enhancing the profile of the EFP and the broader support for the Federalist cause.

Based on past experience, I expect to spend on average 10-20 hours a week working for this position. While my current work commitments prevent me from being physically present in Europe throughout most of the year, I anticipate most relevant tasks to be executable online or through delegation to small management teams.

I hold a B.A. in Economics and Political Science (summa cum laude) from Columbia University and am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Economics at University of California, Berkeley. I have previously worked in capital markets in London and New York, and at the International Monetary Fund.

Marco Marazzi

I am a lawyer specializing in corporate and commercial law as well as cross-border mergers & acquisitions. I was born in 1969 near Rome and studied in Italy, the US and China.

Although I have spent almost my entire professional carrier in Asia, I have kept close contacts with Europe, since all of my clients are from the continent. I have also had the privilege of serving for three years as vice-chairman, Shanghai chapter, of the EU-China Chamber of Commerce, which is by far the largest business lobbying organization of European companies in another country (over 1700 members). Thanks to this role, I maintain excellent contacts with a number of large Europe-based companies and also with officials within the EU Commission.

I have always been a firm believer in the need of a politically united Europe. This is becoming even more urgent and, in my view, nothing less than a matter of survival for the EU and the continent as a whole. I do share therefore entirely the EFP’s objectives and would like to do my best to contribute to the EFP’s growth and success as much as possible. Although my involvement with the Party has been quite recent (I have been coordinator of the Asia section of the EFP since April this year), it has been very intensive, especially since I helped founding the Italian chapter and organizing the Convention, even financially.

As my carrier will be bringing me back to Italy in a few months time, I believe I am ready and more than willing to contribute even more to the Party, despite my busy job. I would therefore be much honoured to serve in the EFP board, while at the same time maintaining my current
role within the EFP-Italian section.

Thank you for your attention.

Marco Marazzi

Harry Stamelos

Dear Federalists,

I am Harry Stamelos, President of EFP Greece, lawyer in Athens, Greece, married with Athina Moraiti and father of two sons, Dimitrios and Seraphim.

I want to participate in the board of the European Federalist Party for five specific reasons.

First, I believe that I can help the board to work harder and more efficiently, i.e. I have the intention to work hard and efficiently.

Second, I believe in the persons of the current board, and I believe we can be a good team together.

Third, I work as a solo practitioner lawyer in Greece and I have the time to devote for such a task.

Fourth, the idea of federalism shall be expanded and explained in detail by our programme. As a PhD holder in EU & US law I am particularly willing to work on the programme and manifesto issues.

Fifth, I believe we need diversity in the board.

Thank you.
Dr Harry Stamelos

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