Our organisation

European Federalist Party is a grass-roots and pan-European organisation composed of national and local sections (or chapters) which all refer to the European organisation. Each national and local section can organise itself provided that it respects the principles indicated in the statute of the European Federalist Party as registered in Brussels, its manifesto and broadly share our Political Programme that was adopted by our members at the 2013 European Convention in Brussels.

When you become a member of the EFP at the local level, you become automatically a member also of the EFP at the European level and you have all the rights to vote, stand as candidate for local, national or European elections or hold an office within the EFP. If there is not yet a chapter in your country, you become directly member of the European level and, if you wish, you can contribute to the creation of a new section yourself!

As a member of the European Federalist Party, you can be active in the section based in your country of residence, in the section of your country of nationality or even in a section that is based in a country that you are only temporarily visiting for work, studies or tourism! Yes, this is the kind of Europe we want!

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The European Federalist Party is run through a European Board, elected biannually by all the members of the movement during the General Assembly or Convention. It includes a President, a vice-President, a Treasurer, a person responsible for communication and for projects. The EFP has local sections at national and sub-national levels that are organised locally and respond to a national and/or local coordinator who is elected locally. Representatives of each section meet regularly in the Federal Council.

federal council

It is worth mentioning that all the work that is carried out by the people working for the European Federalist Party is done on a voluntary basis by convinced pro-Europeans like you! To date, the European Federalist Party has not received any funding neither from the European Union nor from National Governments.