PRESS Rel: “CATALONIA: first step in the “balknisation” or in the federation of Europe?

Europe is confronted with two apparently opposite forces. On the one hand, a centrifugal force expressed through nationalist and regionalist movements. On the other hand, a centripetal force requiring more European integration in view of today’s global challenges that no country or region can tackle alone, such as the refugee crisis, climate change or terrorism” argues Pietro De Matteis, President of the European Federalist Party.

These two forces – which seem opposite – can be reconciled in the context of a Federal Europe as our common home, where the various levels of government are organised according to the principle of subsidiarity and whereby improving the well-being of each and every European citizen is the overarching objective of all policies. Failing to understand the demand for more “local” ownership of the decision-making process and to manage such demands in a structured manner at the national and the European level may result in the “balkanisation” of Europe and of its member states. This would reinforce nationalist sentiments and ultimately exacerbate the animosities within and between European countries” continued the President.

The European Federalist Party calls for a pan-European debate on the future of Europe to lay the foundation for a new European “social contract” outlining a shared understanding among the citizens of Europe of our common interests and vision for the future. Of course, such changes will have to come about by means that respect the constitutional principles of the Union and its member states and reject nationalist tendencies.

We must take bold steps towards a federal Europe now. Failing to do so will weaken the whole of the continent in the face of strong geopolitical and economic competition from outside and corrosive influences from inside, and will lead to the withering away of what has been achieved over decades of European integration” added Georgios Kostakos, vice-President of the European Federalist Party.

About the European Federalist Party

The European Federalist Party (EFP) is the only, truly pan-European political party campaigning for a more democratic and federal Europe. The EFP was founded in 2011 by citizens from all over Europe and has since developed into a cross-border movement that ran for the last European Parliament elections in six countries defending the same pan-European programme voted by its members at the 2013 EFP Federal Convention. The EFP contributed to the introduction of several pieces of European legislation including the European Citizens’ Initiative and the EU roaming regulation.

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