3rd European Federalist Party Convention, Brussels, November 9th-10th

“Bridging the Gap between European Civil Society and European politic!”

November 9th-10th, Press Club Brussels Europe, 95 Rue Froissart, Brussels

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The current economic crisis has showed that only a more united Europe can face this century’s challenges, providing growth and jobs to the European people while preserving their welfare. At the same time, only a fully democratic Europe, which can count on the support of its citizens, can be successful.

Today, however, European citizens are less and less engaged in the political debate and often do not feel represented by their national politicians. Nonetheless, the European people remain very active through civil society organisations such as NGOs, businesses, arts communities or sports organisation, most of which have gained a European dimension.

By bringing together representatives of key civil society organisations and giving them the opportunity to meet with former and future politicians as well as European citizens coming from all over Europe, the European Federalist Party wishes to contribute to the development of a true European debate ahead of the next European elections.

On Saturday 9th the conference is open to the public. Speakers representing civil society organisations, NGOs and businesses from around Europe will share their experience with a large number of active European citizens coming from all over Europe!

On Sunday 10th the meetings are dedicated to registered members of the EFP who will adopt the programme for the European Parliament Elections.

The two days of activities will be accompanied by an exhibition prepared by Bruno Mariani on the theme of Youth in Europe.



For those registering before October 30th, you may want to take advantage of an offer from the First Euroflat Hotel of €67 per night for a single or twin room for November 8th and 9th, including breakfast. The hotel is walking distance from the Press Club. To request a booking, please do so by submitting this registration form.


Please note that the event is free of charge, but you can still help us covering the costs by donating (even a small amount). To do so, please click here. Please note that to have voting rights for the activities that will take place on Sunday you must be a member of the party. To become a member, please click here.


Be at the forefront in the fight for a more democratic and united Europe! Be a candidate at the next European Elections with the only pan-European and bottom-up political party! To know more contact us at irun4europe@federalistparty.eu. Please write “I run 4 Europe” in the subject text.

The EFP is also looking for two new auditors and a co-Secretary General! To put forward your candidacy for these positions send an e-mail to irun4europe@federalistparty.eu with in the subject: “Management Team”. These positions will be voted on at the Convention!


Latest updates and event programme details will be made available at:



Mariarosaria Marziali | mariarosaria.marziali@gmail.com | +32.484077897

Pietro De Matteis | pietro.dematteis@federalistparty.eu | +32.485291863